Here are a group of links to sites that I find of interest, and you may too. They break down into a few simple catagories.

Artists who inspire, motivate and challenge me

Communities that provide excellent discussions with other artists and comics fans

Comics and movies news and rumor sites

Websites designed/maintained by me

Artists Sites

Dave Stevens Dave draws the most incredible women, and nobody draws a better Bettie Page.

Drew Struzan Drew is an illustrator who has started doing some comics work. If I could paint like anyone, it would be Drew.

Message Boards

Comic Book Resources

A huge forum with thousands or members, attached to a news and rumors website.

Digital Webbing Another good place to post art and get critiques.

Comics and Movie News Sites

Dark Horizons

One of the better entertainment news and rumors sites, with plenty of coverage of Comics movies.

Comic Book Resources

A well run Comics news and rumors site.

Websites I Design and Maintain


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