Sequential pages are the bread and butter of the comics artist. Drawing good pin-ups is one thing, but being able to tell a story with interesting graphics is what separates a professional comics artist from an amateur. Whenever someone asks me what a comics artist does, I ask them "have you ever watched the end credits of a movie?" A comics artist does nearly every job on that long list, and they do it by themselves. Crazy? Not if you love it. Featured below are samples of my comics sequential pages. Newer pages are near the top of the list.

Diadem Productions

Diadem Productions is Micheal Malkin, a writer whom I worked with for nearly two years developing a title that he wished to self publish called Asylum: Heaven. First here are the only two pages I got around to penciling for issue two before the project came to a hault. As you will see further down the page, the art for issue two was showing vast improvement over Issue one. These were to be pages two and three of the second issue.

Unfortunately after completing the first issue (half of which is shown below) including cover art inked by Joe Rubinstein, the project was rejected by Diamond distributors. When the project sat in limbo for several months after the rejection, I informed Michael that I would need to move on, but to let me know if anything else were to happen with the project. Now Michael has informed me that he has found a publisher and we will soon begin production of the book again.

And here is the cover art for the first issue. Pencils only, and the final version with inks by Josef Rubinstein and colors by me.

...and finally, an unpublished page from "Cover Version" a 6 page story in progress.


All artwork copyright 2004 Phil Clark unless otherwise noted and may not be reproduced without permission.